Content xperience Center (CxC)

Drive rich, engaging customer experiences with content

Create, manage, optimize, and deliver personalized content experiences across the customers omnichannel journey.

Content xperience Center

Create, manage and deliver dynamic content experiences

Content management systems have evolved over the years starting with CMS and then moving to WEM to DXP. At each level, these systems introduced additional capabilities supporting the increasingly complex nature of the content manager.

Content experience platforms are digital platforms that allow the management and delivery of dynamic omnichannel content. They are built with nextgen technologies involving microservices and headless architecture, are API-first, cloud-native, and have their foundations in AI/ML algorithms.

Challenges faced by content managers

Most traditional content platforms lack the ability and means to create, tailor and manage rich and delightful content experiences at every stage of the shopper’ s journey.

Old CMS platforms are not equipped to keep up with the fast-paced digital transformation requirements. They do not scale well and support the seamless authoring and publishing of rich and dynamic experiences.
Many platforms do not come with integrated tools that content managers need to deliver the right content to the right channel at the right time in the customer journey.
Content managers need a centralized organization of digital assets to access them easily and craft dynamic experiences. Unfortunately, many platforms do not meet this expectation.
Content managers should move beyond isolated content creation. They need to leverage customer information to create and serve contextualized dynamic experiences.
Challenges faced by content managers

CxC addresses all these challenges and then does more

CxC enables content managers to easily organize and manage all site content in a central place. They can access, collaborate, and build engaging experiences personalized to your customers at any stage of the purchase journey.

Create consistent brands and build trust

Create consistent

Create consistent brand identities that are easily recognizable across all marketing channels and touchpoints. Provide unified relatable experiences to existing and potential customers allowing them to identify with your brands on a more personal level. Have the ability to prominently display reviews, testimonials, and logos leveraging responsive themes ensuring that the content is optimized across all devices.

Launch your ideas in the shortest time across multiple channels

Launch your ideas

Leverage intuitive and easy-to-use content management tools with incredibly powerful features like rich WYSIWYG editors, drag-and-drop functionality without coding. You can quickly create and publish landing pages, articles, blogs, and more across multiple channels while maintaining consistency and quality. CxC makes it indeed easier to schedule, publish, update and manage content.

Reduce costs and manage omnichannel, international sites at scale

Reduce costs

The enterprise-grade platform efficiently integrates all functions involving personalized content creation, management, notifications, review, workflow approvals, publishing, and real-time delivery to multiple channels at scale. The platform is built to handle complex sites and designed to scale up and down without intervention. You can easily connect to customers across the globe creating different language variations of your pages.

Improve SEO ranking

Improve SEO ranking

In-built SEO tools help content authors to easily configure and optimize content for search and hugely improve ranking results. You can easily manage HTML markup, SEO-friendly links, design elements, meta information, and other information that search engines understand, and improve your ability to rank.

Better experience. Increased sales

CxC is an intelligent platform that bridges information silos, accelerates business agility, optimizes the content process, and delivers fantastic omnichannel experiences.

Business benefits

Deliver highly scalable experiences by leveraging nextgen technologies involving microservices and headless architecture, API-first, cloud-native, and AI/ML algorithms.

Deliver intelligent, insightful, relevant, contextualized, and enhanced experiences to different audience segments using rules, machine learning, and other AI technologies across the customer journey.

Deliver consistent and engaging experiences across diverse devices, platforms, and channels in a seamless manner.

Provides easy integration of content into the commerce journey to deliver an intuitive and seamless buying experience.

Boost customer engagement by creating and delivering dynamic, responsive, personalized omnichannel experiences.

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