Next-Gen AI/ML Driven Search Optimization

Next-Gen AI/ML Driven Search Optimization

Next-Gen AI/ML Driven Search Optimization

Next-gen customers have access to multiple shopping channels and least tolerance to latencies. They expect retail sites to provide exact product listings, in seconds when they search for it. Most of the traditional search engines fail to meet customer expectations, thus resulting in higher bounce rates.

Search Improvement Tool is powered by AI/ML, and advanced algorithms to provide the most relevant, and complete product search results. This helps customers to find the required and relevant products quickly, without browsing through an unwanted maze of products.

Search Improvement Tool that functions seamlessly with ARC and can be integrated with any 3rd party platform which improves search experience and relevance ranking of the products in the search result page.

Challenges Faced by Retailers

The nature of eCommerce search is largely different today from the earlier days when more and more users are discovering products through search. Understanding of these is important to build the right search solution for today’s needs.

Relevancy & Ranking

Probably the biggest challenge of eCommerce search today is to decide on the best among the equals.

Intent Recognition

The second biggest challenge is the understanding of the context and intent of the customer.

Real Time Results

Another big challenge is the dynamic nature of the data. Stock units, availability, and pricing change very frequently.

Scale & Elasticity

From the study, it is known that the scaling of a search engine is a huge challenge, especially during seasonal sales.

Key Features

The below features are used in Search Improvement Tool to give relevant and accurate results.

  • Auto Spacing
  • Auto Correct
  • Recent Search
  • Type-ahead
  • Alternate suggestions
  • Keyword redirection
  • Synonyms
  • Search across dimensions
  • Sorting
  • Stemming
  • Query response time
  • Facet recognition
  • Category type identification
  • Intent identification
  • Intelligent ranking
  • KPI and Analytics
  • Data ingestion
Key Features


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