Fully managed eCommerce solution

The key elements involved in managing an eCommerce platform are platform support, solution implementation, hosting, application maintenance and support, performance and security, business user training, and ongoing optimization. We take on these responsibilities so that you can focus on core business areas knowing well that the eStore is in professional hands.

Challenges faced by retailers

Businesses want to focus on innovation and revenue-generating initiatives. Unfortunately, over time, they are forced to dedicate significant resources and time into platform/application stability and performance-related issues. Hence other core business areas get impacted.

As IT-related issues increase, retailers get pulled into areas that are outside their original scope. This becomes more pronounced when the vendor does not understand the eCommerce business well.
Managing multiple vendors who claim to be experts in their area soon results in a complex ping-pong scenario with each vendor blaming the issue on the other. This could easily result in an overwhelming situation for the customer.
Many platforms provide commoditized solutions. The effort and cost involved in creating differentiated experiences are very high or convoluted.
Businesses suffer hugely when their core revenue-generating systems are not fault-tolerant, highly performant, and cannot dynamically scale as per the need.
Challenges faced by retailers

Managed intelligent commerce

mARC is a one-stop solution that allows you to handle your eCommerce needs with control, flexibility and savings. It enables you to support dynamic business growth, initiatives, and changing customer demand.

Platform subscription

Customers can enjoy increased benefits through transparent, predictable, affordable monthly subscription pricing.

Platform support

Platform support

The subscription includes platform support which ensures the availability of specialists who are invested in your growth and provide the support required to ensure the smooth functioning of the solution.

mARC implementation

mARC implementation

The subscription includes comprehensive implementation services such as architecture, design, development, testing, data migration, soft launch support, and go-live. These activities are performed by professionals who understand the B2C and B2B domains very well.



We manage all the aspects related to the platform hosting including the data, runtime, servers, storage, networking, backups, etc. Customers need not be impacted by poor performance, downtime, vulnerabilities, and seasonal scaling issues.

Application maintenance and support

Application maintenance and support

The tailor-made AMS service focuses on reducing system outages, improving the performance and efficiency of the solution while quickly addressing critical issues impacting business.

Performance monitoring

Performance monitoring

Performance monitoring ensures that key applications and the infrastructure parameters are consistently performing and triggers remedial action in case of deviations.

Business user training

Business user training

The services ensure that business stakeholders (merchandisers, business users) get familiar and understand how to use the application and business tools.


Minor enhancements

This service ensures that post-go-live, customers can continue to make adjustments to the application and fine-tune it to their requirements. This effort doesn’ t involve a major development effort.

Lower cost. Higher conversion. Increased revenue.

mARC empowers a stronger, more profitable, highly scalable and stable solution.

Less risk

mARC guarantees the impact on conversion and customer experience across all digital channels to increase market share. Customers can also stay focus on their core revenue-generating activities and business innovation.

mARC assures greater agility and cost savings. CW/AB can grow business significantly faster and realize a much lower TCO assuring ROI by conserving capital, decreased computing cost, reduced risk, and reduced pain from working with multiple vendors.

mARC customers deliver a unique buying experience to deepen customer engagement, return visits, and share of wallet.

mARC’ s customizable responsive storefront can be extended to meet customer's branding and digital vision, accelerating time to value and boosting developer productivity.

mARC provides a zero risk offer which gives a powerful advantage to customers who do not have to invest upfront capex fees.

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