Fully managed content experience platform

The key elements involved in managing a content experience platform are solution implementation, hosting, application monitoring and support, performance and security, business user training, and ongoing optimization. We take on these responsibilities so that you can focus on core business areas knowing well that the content experience platform is in professional hands.

Platform features

mCxP is a one-stop solution that allows you to create and preview omnichannel experiences, and accelerate personalization and optimization in the cloud on headless architecture.

Empowers content authors

The platform has been built for content authors in mind allowing them to seamlessly perform relevant content life-cycle activities related to conceptualization, design, creation, validation, approvals, publishing, and delivery.

Omnichannel by design

Platform support

Seamlessly integrates all digital channels allowing the creation of a consistent and personalized brand experience.

Built with modern technology

mARC implementation

Built with modern architecture principles – cloud-native, API-first, headless, reactive microservices, the platform drives business innovation and provides all the tools necessary for the engagement of global audiences.



We manage all the aspects related to the platform hosting including the data, runtime, servers, storage, networking, backups, etc. Customers need not be impacted by poor performance, downtime, vulnerabilities, and seasonal scaling issues.

Advantages of managed services model

mCxP empowers a stronger, more profitable, highly scalable and stable solution.

Increased revenue

The managed services model brings to you a team of experts who take complete responsibility of all the core IT aspects including infrastructure, configuration, security, performance, compliance etc. and ensures that you are not spending on unnecessary items. In addition, you do not have to partner with multiple vendors, thus helping you to effectively manage costs.

You are able to manage risks more effectively by allowing us to employ best practices in the management of the platform across all the relevant areas of operation.

The platform is cost-effective, flexible, and reliable and can dynamically scale to meet even the most demanding needs.

You no longer have to worry about upgrades, technology, resource constraints, operational risks and challenges. The managed solution allows you to stay ahead of all your IT needs, and frees up your internal teams to focus on projects that directly impact your business.

Effectively integrate content management, content classification, search and navigation, personalization, workflow, analytics, and multichannel support to craft and deliver engaging customer experiences.

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