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Digital commerce innovators

RETISIO stands at the forefront of AI-driven digital commerce technology, providing flexible and scalable eCommerce software solutions that equip traditional retailers and brands to go toe-to-toe with industry giants in the digital world.

Company overview: Retail industry mavericks

Underpinned by profound retail eCommerce expertise, RETISIO's founders are dedicated to offering a transformative eCommerce platform that revitalizes retail businesses, breaks free from conventional limitations, and recovers lost opportunities.

Our mission: Spearheading the eCommerce revolution

We strive to redefine norms by engineering cost-effective, ready-for-tomorrow digital commerce solutions. We've faced and navigated the challenges you encounter daily and designed our AI-driven eCommerce software to enable swift adaptation and seamless innovation.

RETISIO Digital Commerce Platform

What we value

Our customers: At the heart of everything we do

We prioritize delivering premium eCommerce software tools that bring significant value to our customers.

Our team: Committed and innovative

RETISIO is built on a foundation of extraordinary individuals dedicated to creating software solutions that deliver lasting value and return on investment.

Innovation: The core of Our eCommerce platform

We champion innovation. Our flexible, modular eCommerce platform empowers your organization to innovate continually.

Curiosity: Challenging the eCommerce status quo

At RETISIO, curiosity is our driving force. We're always questioning, seeking new perspectives, and developing forward-thinking solutions.

Passion: Driving success in digital commerce

We're passionate about assisting retailers and brands in achieving online success. This passion is evident in our eCommerce software platform.

Data: Turning information into Power

We craft eCommerce software that leverages data to understand your customers better. We revel in transforming data into actionable insights for your success.


Phil Newmoyer, RETISIO President

Phil Newmoyer

Sudhanshu Mohan - RETISIO CEO

Sudhanshu Mohan

CEO | Co-Founder

Avinash Chandrakar

COO | Co-Founder
Raj Yarlagadda

Raj Yarlagadda

CDO | Co-Founder

Tony Moores

Chief Technology Officer


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