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RETISIO Promotions

Drive sales with our powerful promotions engine

RETISIO Promotions is a fully featured, cloud-agnostic, promotions engine designed for simple integration across all your eCommerce channels. Manage promotions, coupon codes, specials, holiday sales, and more from one promotions dashboard.

RETISIO Intelligent Promotions

Use personalized incentives to grow revenue

Leverage the AI-powered promotions engine

Replace generic promotions with offers and discounts on products that are relevant to the individual shopper. Drive customer retention and loyalty with the intelligent promotions engine backed by RETISIO Dartmouth, our proprietary AI.

See live shopping cart previews

Test new offers, sales, and promotions to check for conflicts against live ones before publishing to your sales channels.

Make smart 'best offers'

Our eCommerce-optimized AI ensures that online buyers receive the promotion that offers them the greatest discount when overlapping promotions exist for an item.

Track and measure promotion effectiveness

Analyze promotion use and KPIs over time. View detailed analysis of promotion performance and avoid unnecessary overspend.

eCommerce KPIs

What is Intelligent Promotions? Read the solution sheet

Promotions Superpowers

Inspire your customers to buy more

Drive customer engagement and increase AOV.

Advanced promotional capabilities

Deliver personalized offers and allow shoppers to benefit from discounts using the payment method or fulfillment option of their choice.

Intuitive rule builder

Create rules that define the logic of your promotions based on shopping cart and product attributes, bundles, and time-band.

Modular promotions engine

Out Intelligent Promotions engine can be deployed with RETISIO Commerce Cloud or as a standalone module that seamlessly integrates to other applications.

Exclusive and combined offers

Determine which promotions can be combined and override the default promotions evaluator as necessary to drive more business.

Promotions messaging

Highlight products are on sale and inform shoppers which promotion has been applied to qualifying items in their online shopping carts.

Coupon codes

Generate batch or single coupon codes using GUIDs, incremented number series or prefix them as needed to promote brand or product awareness.

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