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Intelligent Recommendations

Revolutionize your eCommerce site with our personalized Recommendations engine

Welcome to RETISIO's AI-powered recommendations engine - the ultimate solution for personalized product recommendations in eCommerce.

Our intent and behavior-based recommendations are tailored to each buyer, enhancing the customer experience and increasing engagement and average order value. With our powerful platform, you can transform your eCommerce site and drive sales conversions with ease. Get a demo of our eCommerce recommendations engine and see the difference for yourself.

RETISIO Intelligent Recommendations Engine

Deliver fast, relevant recommendations

Delight customers with highly relevant product recommendations tailored to every shopper based on a deep, AI/ML-driven learning and understanding of specific shopping behaviors and contexts. Powered by <a href="/technology">RETISIO Dartmouth</a>.

Enjoy shopper intelligence powered by AI/ML

Our intelligent AI/ML algorithms, also known as RETISIO Dartmouth, give powerful recommendations based on shopper behavior patterns for browsing, wish-list, brand affinity, purchase, etc. Dartmouth continuously learns from your data to find the latest behavior trends and serves the most relevant, most timely recommendations.

Make better cross-sell and upsell recommendations

Our Intelligent Recommendations engine provides tools for the business user to effectively manage and configure boosted products in various recommendation sections to accommodate diverse business needs.

What is Intelligent Recommendations? Read the solution sheet

Recommendations Superpowers

Inspire shoppers to buy more!

RETISIO Intelligent Recommendations powered by AI/ML helps you recommend to customers the products they are likely to buy.

Increase cross-sell and upsell

Our intelligent recommendations show shoppers similar and superior products as well as complementary products.

Deliver behavior-based recommendations

Provide intent-based recommendations based on collaborative filtering and customer behavior data.

Make it personal

Deliver hyper-personalized recommendations based on the shoppers browsing and buying behaviors.

Make specific recommendations

Related products recommendations display the products that are similar in various attributes.

Increase average order value

With frequently bought together recommendations, bundle products intelligently to increase average order value.

Make recommendations based on real-time trends

Show recommendations based on real-time trends derived from to the minute customer browsing and sales conversion data.

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