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Intelligent Search

Transform your eCommerce site's search functionality with RETISIO's intelligent search engine

Welcome to RETISIO's AI-powered search engine - the ultimate solution for transforming your eCommerce site's search functionality. Our cutting-edge technology uses machine learning and natural language processing to deliver accurate and relevant search results, helping customers find what they're looking for quickly and easily.

With our intelligent search engine, you can boost your sales and improve customer satisfaction, all while gaining valuable insights into your customers' behavior and preferences.

Whether you're looking to improve your site's search functionality or gain a deeper understanding of your customers, RETISIO's eCommerce search engine is the solution you've been looking for. Get a demo and see the difference for yourself.

RETISIO Intelligent Search

Personalized, accurate, relevant

Deliver relevant search results with advanced shopper intent recognition and world-class product relevance rankings.

retisio intelligent search engine

Drive more sales with eCommerce search intelligence

Today's shoppers have access to multiple digital channels and are used to the best in customer experiences. RETISIO Intelligent Search understands shopper intent resulting in higher sales conversions.

Improve product discovery

Our powerful search intelligence engine is powered by advanced AI/ML algorithms, also known as RETISIO Dartmouth. These provide the most accurate, relevant and complete product search results, giving customers relevant products quickly without browsing through a confusing maze of results.

Integrate the power of artificial search intelligence

RETISIO Intelligent Search is easy to implement as it is built to seamlessly integrate with any digital commerce platform. Help your customers better find what they want and need on your eCommerce website.

What is RETISIO Intelligent Search? Read the solution sheet

Search Intelligence Superpowers

Your customers will find more relevant products quicker

Improve product findability

Make sure that customers don’t miss out on any relevant products from the catalog.

Improve relevance

Leverage AI-driven product relevance rankings to give accurate results.

Identify intent

Our advanced AI identifies and corrects shopper search intent for price, product, type, category, etc.

Process longtail complex queries

Rely on advanced language learning models for the correct interpretations of complex longtail queries to render relevant and accurate results.

Eliminate the dreaded 'no results found'

Advanced AI/ML features provide alternate suggestions, reduce bounce rate, and improve sales conversions.

More control on facet recognition

Control the sequence, visibility and attributes of product facets on search results pages to optimized shopper experience.

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