Stay relevant to the future. Don’t let your legacy technologies stop you from achieving your business goals.

Future-ready, innovative, flexible, business-centric commerce capabilities to manage your store effortlessly.

ARC is a nextgen microservices-based solution developed with reactive architecture practices and cloud-native technologies that makes it easy, fast, convenient, and cheaper for retail brands to accelerate the move to the AI/ML-enabled cloud.

Nextgen eCommerce platform

Nextgen eCommerce platform

Nextgen eCommerce platform

ARC is nextgen AI enabled eCommerce platform which offers cloud-native, headless commerce solution. Our leading edge API approach helps retailers create brand value by empowering commerce teams to design unique and engaging digital commerce experiences.

ARC provides many commerce capabilities out-of-the-box to manage your store effortlessly. These Commerce capabilities enable an eCommerce application to be future-tech ready, automatically scale-up independently, and horizontally to handle higher traffic and scale-down later.


Technologies driving innovation

Reactive Systems

Reactive systems

Reactive Systems

ARC is a reactive eCommerce platform for retailers whose applications require the highest forms of resilience, speed, and scalability for offline/online scenarios. Developed on reactive architecture, ARC can perform at peak with no downtime and handle the high load with minimum infrastructure. Well-designed loosely coupled components enable additions and enhancements to the features without impacting the rest of the system.



ARC is future-tech ready and enabled by AI/ML technology and empowered by advanced algorithms. To make a difference in the marketplace retailer must understand the customer’s intent and service them irrespective of the knowledge of the customers. ARC continually learns from the data it collects, analyzes through carefully crafted algorithms, and makes smart recommendations to optimize sales and drive user experiences.




ARC is natively integrated with a fully automated build and deployment mechanism which is robust, secure, and cloud agnostic. It uses Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) to build and deploy the containerized solution in the cloud, improving reliability and reducing the time and resources retailers need to otherwise spend on DevOps. At the same time it brings in the highest level of resilience and availability by combining cloud and employing best practices for automating the development lifecycle and making the most of containers, container orchestration technology and infrastructure automation.

Key Capabilities



Cloud-based and cloud-agnostic solution that is resilient, scalable, and optimizes infrastructure hosting cost.



Microservices based distributed architecture with auto-scaling, monitoring, self healing, and disaster recovery.

AI/ML Driven


Leverage power of AI/ML for optimizing the microservices leveraging behavioural data and other third-party data sources.



Ensures security and global compliance. Protects your code and continuously comply with legal requirements.

Fast Deployment


Efficient DevOps and module independence enables development and releases more rapidly.

Reactive Systems


Reactive microservices are built for speed, scale, and resilience. They are responsive, elastic, message-driven, and self-healing systems.

Business Tooling


Experience-driven business user-friendly tooling to manage an eStore effortlessly without day-to-day dependency on IT.

Risk Free Innovation


Focus on your business and leverage a competitive edge while we innovate and offer a customized solution.

ARC is a future-tech platform for the retailers whose applications require the highest forms of resilience, speed, and scalability for offline/online scenarios.

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