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Reactive, self-healing technology for frictionless digital commerce

Driven by our proprietary AI, RETISIO Dartmouth, our composable eCommerce platform is built on an API-first, reactive architecture. It serves as a great foundation for building intelligent, fast, and resilient eCommerce websites that take full advantage of the cloud.

RETISIO Digital Commerce Platform


RETISIO Dartmouth is the artificial intelligence that powers our eCommerce platform. With RETISIO Dartmouth, you gain a clearer understanding of shopper behaviors, preferences, and intent and react accordingly in real-time. Our AI is named in honor of the birthplace of artificial intelligence.


RETISIO Commerce is headless, composable, and can connect to any back-end system. Lead the retail eCommerce market by adopting business agility, reducing risk, and using scalability to cut costs.

efficient ecommerce
cloud native ecommerce


RETISIO Commerce is headless and API first. Our eCommerce software platform provide tools appropriate to developers, systems integrators, and end-users, respectively, ensuring coverage across roles and use cases. 


This means your eCommerce website is lightning fast, resilient, elastic, and scalable. This means it doesn't crash during peak times of demand. It also means you can scale up or down as needed.

high-performance ecommerce
composable ecommerce


Our reactive micro-services based software modules can be deployed independently and work seamlessly with other resources. You can consume our software products on an as needed basis without commiting to the full platform.

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