About ARC

About ARC

ARC is a reactive commerce platform by RETISIO that is domain driven, headless, and cloud-native. It is an intelligent eCommerce platform that enables modern retails to build and manage digital commerce sites with ease.

ARC comes with a standard set of digital commerce functionalities that can be extended /enhanced to build unique usecases of customers. Designed using cloud-native architecture and domain driven design principles, ARC provides business agility along with savings in terms of development efficiency and infrastructure reduction.

Key Benefits of ARC

We are in the middle of a shopping evolution where consumers are in the driver’s seat and brands are racing to keep up. Technology innovation has highly impacted how consumers discover, research, and purchase products and services. That is why you need to choose an intelligent platform that bridges the gap between retailers and consumers.

Modern Architecture and Design

Domain driven and cloud-native architecture powered by AI/ML lets you focus on your business optimizing resource consumption, scale dynamically, and recover without any downtime.

Secure and Risk Mitigation

Ensuring the security and global compliance of your distributed systems can be difficult. ARC helps you protect your code and continuously comply with legal requirements.

Intelligent Commerce

ARC is future tech ready and an intelligent commerce platform. Well-thought features and capabilities reduce the overall cost of the platform matched by none in the market at present.

Risk Free Innovation

ARC operates on a collaborative partnership model. Focus on your business while we deliver a customized solution that meets your business needs.


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