Empowering Commerce

Preetham Shetty December 8, 2020

Empowered commerce is about empowering businesses to win in the digital age. There is a paradigm shift in the way businesses have evolved. Digital-first retailers will have to adopt people-centered approaches to infuse AI driven experiences on every customer touchpoint.


Winning in the Age of Digital Disruption

Preetham Shetty November 30, 2020

Retailers’ interactions with customers are happening all the time, across channels, with lots of devices and endpoints. Modern retailers face new pressure points due to changes in their operational landscape.


Unified Commerce

Preetham Shetty November 25, 2020

Today’ s customers have tremendous flexibility in ways to shop. They can purchase online from anywhere using several devices – laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even by voice with intelligent personal assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. They can also use several delivery options like Buy Online Pick-up in Store (BOPIS), curbside pickup, ship-to-store. Customers also expect a consistent experience in all purchase, delivery channels, and other customer touchpoints throughout their shopping journey.


Impact of Recommendations on Customer Engagement

Gopi Joshi November 22, 2020

In the past couple of years, eCommerce has taken huge strides to provide a better and personalized customer experience. Recommendation sections on eCommerce site have taken the role of the traditional salesperson in brick and mortar system. With the advancement in artificial intelligence, recommendation engines are constantly evolving to understand the user better and provide meaningful recommendations. This not only improves the purchase experience but also increases revenue for eCommerce stores.


4 Ws of Customer-Centric Merchandising

Preetham Shetty November 12, 2020

In retail, merchandising is the link between product, sales, and marketing on the front end and supply chain at the back end. Merchandising tells retailers the all-important 4 Ws: What to sell? When to sell? Where to sell? Who to sell to?


Design Principles of a Future Proof Commerce Platform

Preetham Shetty October 29, 2020

The retail world is going through a transformation, and many factors are driving these changes. We are in the midst of the most intense period of technical and digital proliferation in the history of global commerce.


Intelligent Search is the New Future of Digital Commerce

Gopi Joshi August 5, 2020

Shopping from the eCommerce site is going to replace the traditional brick & mortar experience to a great extent. The share of global retail sales generated via eCommerce has steadily been rising and projected to reach 1/3rd by 2024. At such times, it is important not only to provide a clean and user-friendly purchase experience but also to see that users can find the right product without wasting much time in the maze of the navigations or inefficient in-site search engine.

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