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Case Study – Allen Brothers


Premier Steak Retailer Allen Brothers Replatforms to RETISIO Commerce

Allen Brothers has transitioned its online commerce platform from incumbent Oracle Commerce Cloud to RETISIO Commerce in just five months, an impressive feat that underscores the agility and robustness of RETISIO’s solutions and implementation partner, AIEnterprise Inc.


Allen Brothers, a premier provider of prime beef and gourmet meats wanted to make a strategic move to re-platform from their old monolith system to address several of their operational challenges. Apart from the operational challenges they also wanted to improve on their overall customer experience and conversion rate through their website.


Allen Brothers’ former digital commerce platform, Oracle Commerce Cloud, hindered it from quickly introducing new features or enhancements. The old monolith system posed challenges in terms of SEO and performance optimization, thereby impacting customer experience. Moreover, the process of rolling out any change necessitated taking the site offline for hours, a substantial roadblock in an increasingly fast-paced
eCommerce environment. Allen Brothers’ objective was clear — to find a platform that is not only functionally robust but also provides a high-end, customizable, and unique site experience. Above all, the new platform had to facilitate uninterrupted operations and support seamless updates.


Allen Brothers found the perfect solution in RETISIO Commerce. The platform was uniquely equipped to cater to Allen Brothers’ specific needs and challenges. It allowed a seamless transition and fulfilled the promise of a high-end, customizable site that would cater to a new demographic without alienating established clientele. 

The RETISIO Commerce platform provided extensive APIs covering all functional areas of eCommerce. The customer-specific components were developed efficiently, keeping functional changes to the website to a minimum. Agile practices facilitated the transition and ensured a successful completion within an impressive time frame of less than five months. 


Since replatforming to RETISIO Commerce, Allen Brothers has seen remarkable improvements. The performance of the Allen Brothers eCommerce web site has significantly increased, with organic search traffic experiencing a notable surge. The search engagement on mobile has also improved substantially. 

Apart from external enhancements, the platform has enabled better internal operations and provided a future-proof solution for Allen Brothers. The reactive micro-services technology positions Allen Brothers for a prosperous journey in the ever-evolving retail landscape. 

While Allen Brothers does not have concrete statistics on customer feedback yet, the initial impression is positive. The faster site speed, easier navigation, and improved SEO promise a better shopping experience for their customers. 

“I am pleased with the seamless transition to the RETISIO platform and the exceptional work of our development partner team,” said Robin Blank, Director of Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy at Allen Brothers. “This new platform empowers us to better enhance the customer experience and engage our audience resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

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