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Intelligent Search – Intent Identification

Intelligent Search - Intent Identification

Product feature video

Intelligent Search - Intent Identification

Find out how RETISIO’s Intelligent Search understands shopper intent and displays appropriate results resulting in better conversions. It is powered by RETISIO Dartmouth technology based on advanced AI/ML algorithms.

Video transcript:

 Intent is the customer’s objective when they are trying to find relevant results.

Whenever the customer types complex queries with price, brand, age, size, or other related information in it, RETISIO Intelligent Search’s intent identification feature understands the shopper’s intent and gives appropriate results.

For example, when a customer types “Samsung washer under 1000,” RETISIO Intelligent Search understands that the customer is looking for a Samsung brand washer, but with a price below $1,000.

As you can see, all the relevant products below $1,000 are displayed first. Similarly, for a query like “Canon 20 MP camera below 250,” Intelligent Search’s Intent Identification feature determines the customer is looking for Canon brand digital cameras with 20 MP and prices below $250.

All relevant cameras below $250 are displayed first. RETISIO Intelligent Search’s intent identification feature, you can provide your customers with the relevant and useful content that is most likely to result in a conversion.

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