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Intelligent Search – Type-Ahead Video

Intelligent Search - Type-Ahead

Product feature video

Intelligent Search - Type-Ahead or Auto-Complete

RETISIO Intelligent Search’s Type-Ahead feature provides type ahead / auto complete predictions of what a customer could have typed. This allows them to quickly choose what they are looking for and allows you to tailor other suggestions/recommendations.

Type-Ahead or auto-complete predictions are the lists of predicted search queries a customer could have typed.

For example, when a customer types Sony in the search field, the Type-Ahead feature in RETISIO Intelligent Search displays the relevant appliances. The suggestions get more accurate as the customer types more characters.

The Type-Ahead feature uses intelligent algorithms most frequently entered user search queries and catalog entries such as category names and brands to generate relevant results.

RETISIO Intelligent Search is driven by machine learning that optimizes the relevancy of the Type-Ahead feature. Speed up the search process and provide a better search experience for your customers with RETISIO Intelligent Search.

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