Recommendation xperience Engine (RxE)

Powerful intent driven recommendations

Delight customers with highly relevant product recommendations tailored to every shopper type based on a deep understanding of user behaviour and context.

Recommendation xperience Engine

Keep user engaged with smart recommendations

Convert more and increase revenue

RxE enables merchandizers to deliver personalized content throughout the customer's shopping journey. By keeping users engaged throughout the journey not just directly impacts the top line, it also builds relationships and trust among the customers which can account for many more future purchases.

Does your recommendation engine understand your customer's needs?

Modern retailers need to scale their business to support thousands or millions of buyers and touch points across multiple countries, websites, languages and business units, all while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to changing customer.

Many sites are unable to get good user engagement due to lack of enough and appropriate recommendation, which consequently affects the revenue.
A lot of recommendations do not incorporate browsing behaviour of user. Hence, they miss out on effective indicators about user’ s liking and relevance.
Very few recommendation engines try to use profile and behaviour data to understand user’ s inclination and likings and give personalized results and experience.
Lack of personalized experience

Inspire your customers to buy more

React impact is real revenue

RxE powered by AI/ML helps you recommend to customers the products they are likely to buy, hence creating a unique shopping experience based on contextual behaviour and historical data.


RxE provides a wide variety of product recommendations for different parts of the eCommerce site and different stages of the user journey.

Intelligent AI/ML algorithms give smart recommendations observing customers' behavior patterns for browsing, wish-list, brand affinity, purchase, etc. Further, the advanced algorithms continuously use data to find the latest behavior trends and update the recommendations.

RxE provides tools for the business user to effectively manage and configure boosted products in various recommendation sections to accommodate diverse business needs.

Enhance customer experience

Meet the evolving needs of today’ s digital customer

RxE filters the data using different algorithms and recommends the most relevant items to the users leading to increased digital interactions.

Enhance customer experience

Gives the user all the other products that were viewed/browsed when this product was browsed.


Gives users a list of products that were bought when the browsed product was bought.


Shows the recommended list of products that were bought when the customer viewed this product.

Best seller/Top seller

Shows best seller products across various categories/ entire catalog.

Frequently bought together

Shows a list of products that are generally bought with this product in the same order.

Popularity based

Gives a list of brands for which most products were viewed, added to wish list/cart, or purchased.

RxE powered by AI/ML helps you recommend products to the customers they are likely to buy; boosting sales, increase revenue and conversions.

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