Why do we need modern commerce solution?

Why do we need a modern commerce solution?

Why do we need modern commerce solution?

Today’s applications are deployed to everything from mobile devices to cloud-based clusters running thousands of multicore processors. Users have come to expect millisecond response times (latency) and close to 100 percent uptime. Traditional architectures, tools, and products as such simply won’t cut it anymore.

ARC is built using a reactive architecture that can do wonders for the development speed, time-to-market, and continuous delivery for large organizations. It can provide a great foundation for building elastic and resilient systems that can take full advantage of the cloud.

So it is time to retire the monolith, and to decompose the system into manageable, discrete services that can be scaled individually, that can fail, be rolled out, and upgraded in isolation.

ARC Embraces Reactive Systems and Functional Programming

Reactive systems are Responsive, Resilient, Elastic, Message Driven, and Self-healing which leads to better performance.


ARC is built resilient with the right strategy of replication, isolation, and delegation. In ARC, if a given microservices fail due to network issues or unavailability of the underlying resources, other nodes or newly spun-off nodes take over. While this happens, the system as a whole keeps running without complete failure.


ARC supports building modern mobile and web experiences that require powerful and responsive UI technologies. It provides instant feedback based on user and API interactions in all circumstances.

Message Driven

ARC microservices are loosely coupled and distributed. ARC processes messages parallely, asynchronously, without blocking, ensuring loose coupling, isolation, and location transparency.


ARC microservices are packaged as lightweight containers and orchestrated so that they can be scaled out during load surge and down during off-peak hours dynamically.


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