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RETISIO Commerce - Reactive Digital Commerce Platform for Retailers and Brands

RETISIO Commerce is the reactive, composable digital commerce platform that accelerates revenue growth and reduces annual spend for B2C, B2B and D2C companies. Drive personalized, memorable shopping experiences via an omni-channel retail-specific content management solution. Best-in-class AI-driven search, recommendations, promotions, and analytics.

Video transcript:

Organizations spend countless hours and resources in making sure to meet demands of today’s tech savvy customer who have higher expectations as ever, enhance customer loyalty, improve and refine their digital strategy, and give their brand an impressive global presence. That’s exactly where RETISIO Commerce, a modern, next-generation cloud solution comes in. Connect the dots in a comprehensive commerce portfolio, integrating each customer’s digital and personalized shopping experience and ensures improved customer engagement.

Let’s take a look at what RETISIO Commerce is capable of.

RETISIO Commerce’s omnichannel, responsive storefront integrated with pre-built ERP services gives a consistent view of your content, products, and services across channels to your B2C and B2B customers.

RETISIO Commerce is the only fully integrated merchandising, content management and merchandising platform that gives marketers and merchandisers complete control over their online store. Business center, as the back office management user interface helps you manage your products catalogs in one intuitive place.

You can also manage site configurations, leverage personalization, and embed promotions to increase conversion and effectiveness of the overall customer buying experience.

Content Center is a content management tool that includes easy to use visual drag-and-drop interface to change the look and field design of the page.

The tool also offers templating options, many content item types and content scheduling options to create outstanding shopping experiences.

Intelligence search is a powerful solution that increases the effectiveness of the entire search experience. It allows business users to provide targeted merchandising support, custom facets, and also tailor the search experience powered by AI and machine learning to drive contextually relevant recommendations.

RETISIO Commerce is easy to use and completely customizable. Whatever your e-Commerce website needs, we have a solution for that.

Find out more about how RETISIO Commerce can help you develop a truly omni-channel business with a single customer view and deliver an exceptional shopping experience to your customers with greater ROI today.

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