Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning (AI/ML)

Understand customer needs and deliver what they want

Drive user experience and optimize sales with intelligent search and smart recommendations enabled by AI/ML technology.

Retisio ARC is an intelligent digital eCommerce platform powered by AI/ML to digitally optimize retail functions and improve the recommendation experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Retisio ARC powered by AI/ML

Success of any retail business solution depends on how precisely it can predict the buyer’ s preferences using available data. AI/ML driven technologies are fast-growing in the retail space due to its ability to mimic human behavior where computers can be trained using data, learn from experiences, adjust to new inputs, analyze data to make a smart decision and improve ROI.

Retisio ARC powered by AI/ML can collect relevant data needed to understand customer's requirements and processes the data effectively. It incorporates intelligent search and provides personalized recommendations needed to make decisions and purchases. All these happen at lightning speed where large amounts of data are crunched and presented in a human consumable form to provide a better consumer experience.

ARC powered by AI/ML
Data Analysis

Data analysis

Retisio ARC cleverly collects consumers details like purchase details, clickstreams, wish list, etc. and use them to provide consumers with highly tailored offerings that are relevant to them. It adds a personal touch to the way consumers buy their goods.

AI/ML Driven Recommendations

AI/ML driven recommendations

The recommendation of the products reflects the activities of users on the website and previous purchases. The natural language processing capabilities in Retisio ARC enables retailers to show their consumers the items they want.

Intelligent Search

Intelligent search

Searches of desired products are at the heart of every online store. To maximize sales, the search engine helps customers know exactly what they want, even when they are not sure what it might be. It can easily understand intent more than just the search terms.

Harness the power of your data to derive actionable insights. Focus on intuitive, contextual, and personalized data-driven interactions to drive growth, higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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