Lead the retail market by adopting business agility, reduce risk and cost.

Accelerate go-to-market, innovate, and deliver compelling experiences continuously.

Retisio ARC is natively integrated with a fully automated build and deployment mechanism which is robust, secure, and cloud-agnostic.


Harness the power of DevOps

With the advent of multiple Cloud infrastructures and increased maturity in Configuration Management tools and Container technologies, traditional approaches to software development and delivery have undergone tremendous changes. Manual build and release approaches and processes are prone to errors, break down, and involve delayed responses. Organizations cannot afford to focus on cost and continuous risks while neglecting time to market.

Retisio ARC has adopted a robust DevOps solution that reduces time to customer feedback, increases quality, reduces risk and cost, and provides a unified and integrated approach to the process, culture, people, and tools across the development life cycle.

Continuous integration(CI)

Continuous Integration (CI)

Automate builds and tests based on developer code check-ins. This leads to faster issue identification, improves build quality, and reduces time to validate releases.

Continuous Delivery(CD)

Continuous Delivery (CD)            

Deploy code to a testing environment after the build stage. Stakeholders will have a deployment-ready build artifact that has passed through a standardized test process.

Infrastructure as a code(IaaC)

Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC)

Manage and provision infrastructure through automation rather than manual configuration or interactive configuration tools.

Monitoring & Logging

Monitoring & Logging            

Capture, categorize, and analyze data and logs generated by applications and infrastructure to get insights into the root causes of problems.

A robust DevOps solution enables rapid application development and delivery catering to rapidly changing business needs.

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