Who We Are

RETISIO Inc. is a pathfinder in the eCommerce space focused on providing retail products and platforms that are future ready. The organization is formed with an expressed goal of addressing the platform needs of Mid to Large retailers that are ready for a re-platform. Our platform is scalable, responsive, reactive, AI/ML enabled with resilient architecture that is future tech ready and capable of intelligent business decisions & processes.

RETISIO is determined to provide retailers cutting edge platforms that reinvigorate their business and helps them to fight back and win the lost ground, overcoming the constraints that their current platforms impose on them. The platforms also provide close alignment with Retailers’ future requirements and will continue to deliver innovation use cases for adoption into base implementation to keep them ahead of their competition.

The founders and the key team members have been in the Retail Technology space for over 25 years and understand the gaps in existing platforms and under-served needs of retail business applications. They have coalesced their deep understanding of the retail market with the technology needs of the future to define the product suite and platform roadmap.

The products have achieved early successes and RETISIO is looking at broadening the product and platform suite and offerings.


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