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RETISIO Intelligent Search Engine Comparison

Intelligent Search - Search Engine Comparison

See how our search engine blows away the competition

Intelligent Search - Search Engine Comparison Video

Find out how RETISIO Intelligent Search performs against the search capabilities of retail’s biggest digital commerce websites.

Video transcript:

 Let’s see how some of the leading retail brands perform when customers type some complicated search queries.

I’m going to type a complex query, “washer under 1000” in the search field without a space, the incorrect spelling of washer, and also a price intent.

A top-selling consumer electronics brand is unable to convert this query into a meaningful intent and returns the message, “We didn’t find anything.”

Here we see that the search engine has rightly identified that the query is erroneous, but it is still able to break it up into a keyword washer and a condition under intent is a price of $1,000.

Let us move on with this search query, “Sony camera with SD card.” Check if your search engine interprets the customer’s intent when they are looking for a specific product. As you can see, none of the search results are cameras.

RETISIO Intelligent Search could identify that you are looking for a Sony brand camera with a micro SD card.

RETISIO Intelligent Search, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, understands customers’ intent and provides accurate search results, filtering out unwanted products.

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