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Intelligent Search – Facet Mapping for Longer Search Queries

Intelligent Search - Facet Mapping

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Intelligent Search - Facet Mapping for Longer Search Queries

RETISIO Intelligent Search’s facet mapping feature delivers relevant search results even when the user enters a long search query with multiple facets.

When we are looking for a product with specific features in an e-commerce site, we end up typing longer queries.

Most search engines fail to map these queries to the right.

Let’s consider this search query refrigerator, Whirlpool 25 cubic feet with Ice Maker, as an example, and find out how a typical search engine performs to this test.

Multiple things are going wrong here. If you look at the top matching product, you see that neither the search brand nor the feature an ice maker has been identified. The facet mapping to the brand Whirlpool also does not happen.

Now let us try the same query in RETISIO Intelligent Search. Take a look at the top products in the search results.

You will notice that the search engine has got three things right. It rightly identified the brand facet, and ranked Whirlpool on top. It also identified a Whirlpool refrigerator with an ice maker in the top four results. A Whirlpool ice maker kit is also listed ready. CEO’s intelligence search not only gets the customer intent right, but is also able to match the right facets to the intent.

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