Search xperience Center (SxC)

Intelligent search merchandising solution

Inspire shoppers by leveraging the power of AI/ML to promote specific products and influence customer purchase behavior driving sales and conversions.

Reduce bounce rates and increase conversions by incorporating product availability, seasonality, popular trends, discount percentage, and other factors into your search merchandising.

Search xperience Centre

Modern commerce driven by intelligent search

Technological advancements, especially in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are transforming the way businesses go about their eCommerce search experience. The integration of AI in eCommerce search is bringing forth new and more powerful experiences to the customer.

SxC provides the most effective way for customers to dynamically explore the storefront and find relevant and desired items quickly.

Challenges faced by retailers

Traditional systems do not allow marketers to fine-tune search engine relevance to adapt to business needs, special occasions, marketing campaigns, KPIs, and other ad-hoc requirements.

eCommerce products are defined by a large number of complex attributes. Long queries, natural language queries, or typos result in irrelevant results eventually leading to lost sales.
Site navigation involves a mammoth number of elements like categories, sub-categories, product types, collections, etc. Shoppers may take a longer time to find desired products in the absence of the right searching techniques exposing them to poor navigation experiences.
If the search results do not factor in the customer context and deliver personalized results or relevant recommendations, retailers lose the opportunities resulting from cross-sell or up-sell; resulting in lower revenues.
If marketers do not have the means to analyze which products are performing poorly, segment customer groups, and map them to relevant products, they will not be in a position to drive impactful plans.
Challenges faced by retailers

SxC addresses all these challenges and then does more

SxC is a powerful suite of business tools empowering merchandisers, marketing personnel, and business owners to manage search experiences on the omnichannel store in a flexible manner.

Create user-friendly search experiences leading to higher conversions

Create user-friendly

SxC allows business users to configure a large number of search aspects of the site allowing customers to easily find products they are looking for in the shortest time. Searchandizers or ‘ Search mearchandisers’ have many tools like faceted search, product ranking, synonym management, auto-complete, optimized breadcrumbs, personalized results at their disposal to drive higher conversion rates.

Build uninterrupted user journeys through AI/ML-driven search

Build uninterrupted

SxC is powered by AI/ML to understand the user intent. It provides relevant results even if search queries are misspelled, ensuring strong tolerance for user errors and mistakes. Additional capabilities, like personalized search suggestions, query autocomplete, Natural Language Processing ensure better results and higher engagement experiences for the time users spend on the site.

Drive better customer experiences and revenue through boost and bury

Better Customer Experiences

Serchandizers can use tools available in SxC to improve relevance and push or hide specific products dynamically based on different attributes like stock availability, promotions, or behavioral data. By positioning the relevant search results, the conversion rate and ability to drive higher profits can be controlled.

Faster findability through dynamic facets and automatic filtering

Faster findability

SxC provides the flexibility to set up filters and facets dynamically to help users quickly narrow results by brand, product category, color, price and price range, size, user ratings, and more. In addition, automatic filtering ensures better fitment of user’ s intent by breaking down and interpreting the semantics of their queries rather than performing simple text matching.

Drive higher conversions with better search experience

Improve conversions and drive consistent and differentiated omnichannel customer search experiences.

Better Search Experience

Achieve more satisfied shoppers by leveraging AI/ML-based real-time personalization with features such as auto-suggest, auto-complete, predictive search, dynamic filtering, spell correction, and more.

Enhance consumer experiences by setting up intelligent search capabilities such as auto-generated search filters, multiple filtering options, fast navigation, instant search, auto-suggestions.

Drive higher revenues by using predictive search, auto-complete, spell correction to give highly accurate and personalized results.

Increase brand loyalty by leveraging NLP-based smart search, which can discern the user's intent and not retrieve results based on what the user has typed in.

Increase marketing effectiveness by leveraging AI/ML. Over time self-optimize all aspects that could affect the ranking of search results.

Inspire shoppers, increase average order value by delivering consistent, relevant, personalized results and intuitive shopping experiences.

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