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12 Essential Strategies for Boosting eCommerce Holiday Sales in 2023

The holiday season represents a crucial period for retailers, both in brick-and-mortar establishments and the digital commerce realm. In 2022, eCommerce holiday sales soared to a whopping $206 billion. As 2023 beckons with even greater promise, it’s crucial for retailers … Read More

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Key Considerations for Successful Ecommerce Replatforming 

Ecommerce replatforming is a crucial process for online businesses looking to upgrade their existing ecommerce platform or migrate to a new one. It involves transferring all the data, functionality, and design elements from one platform to another. However, replatforming can … Read More

11 Essential eCommerce Improvements Every Food Retailer Must Adopt

In the dynamic landscape of today’s digital age, eCommerce stands out as a crucial component for food retailers and wholesalers to improve upon. As online shopping and speedy delivery continue to evolve into normal, everyday behavior for consumers — and … Read More


RETISIO Exhibiting at NRF’s 2023 Big Show in NYC

We can’t wait to see you at the National Retail Federation’s #NRF2023: Retail’s Big Show! Be sure to join RETISIO this coming January 15-17 in Booth #1060. We will be on hand performing live demos of the world’s first reactive … Read More

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Why Composable Commerce is the Future of Retail

Composable commerce is a new and revolutionary way of understanding how modern customers want to engage with retailers and brands. It is the idea of modularizing digital customer experiences so they can be customized for customers in unique ways. The … Read More

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Why Homegrown eCommerce Websites Cause Black Friday Nightmares

Attention retail business executives: Does the online holiday buying season bring with it a sense of dread or even full-blown nightmares of eCommerce website outages on Black Friday or during the Cyber 5 shopping frenzy? If this sounds familiar, consider … Read More

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Welcome to the New RETISIO.com!

Welcome to the brand new RETISIO.com. Same great eCommerce software, brand new experience! We redesigned our website to give you a deeper, more meaningful understanding of our company, our best-in-breed eCommerce software, and the latest trends in eCommerce. Our freshly … Read More

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Top 10 eCommerce KPIs for Retailers to Track and Optimize

This article explores the top ten e-commerce key performance indicators that retailers need to track and optimize. … Read More

Can Shoppers Find Specific Items on Your Retail Website?

Can shoppers find what they’re looking for on your large catalog e-commerce website? If not, you are losing sales conversions and repeat business. … Read More