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Experience-driven merchandizing

Merchandizers today need an intuitive interface to manage stores’ catalogs, products, pricing, and run campaigns and promotions customized across sites without IT dependency. They need to achieve higher conversion and sales.

  • Displaying relevant products to customers.
  • Create and manage rules related to pricing and promotions.
  • Set up new visual experiences.
  • Create engaging, consistent, optimum, and personalized experiences across the omnichannel customer journey.

Planning and managing all these aspects is not a simple task and merchandizers need intuitive, highly collaborative tools to achieve their objectives.

Challenges faced by merchandizers

The eCommerce business is growing increasingly competitive every day while customers are getting smarter and digital savvy. Retailers are challenged to keep pace with traditional platforms to meet high expectations and engage customers.

Marketers are restricted to create differentiated experiences due to platforms' limited capabilities. They cannot distinguish between customers and show them products which they are less likely to purchase.
Obsolete technology does not help marketers to analyze available data related to recent trends. Retailers can't relate to customer preferences and devise strategies to maximize sales and profits.
Retailers are unable to deliver consistent brand messaging in line with the organization's brand identity, values, and strategy across all the channels that customers use.
Retailers fail to replicate processes online. The teams cannot work effectively as shared business functions, enabling process efficiency.
Experience driven merchandizing

BxC addresses all these challenges and then does more

BxC is a powerful suite of business tools that empowers merchandizers, marketing personnel, and business owners to flexibly manage omnichannel store experiences. BxC provides a unified interface to easily collect, manage, enrich product information, and distribute personalized experiences across all your channels. It enables retailers to attract potential customers, effectively display relevant products, configure SEO, promote specific products and increase conversion rates.

Maximize ‘ paths to purchase’ for customers

Maximize the ‘ path to purchase’  for customers

BxC provides complete flexibility to merchandizers. It allows them to define and manage sites for customers to discover and connect to products they are looking for in the shortest time with the best experience possible.

Create unique powerful personalized experiences

Create unique powerful

Create personalized shopping experiences for your customers. Have the flexibility to target customers with broad-based offers and tailor promotions. Leverage customer demographics, browsed products, search queries, cart situation, and many more to show relevant products.

Tailor roles and permissions to suit your workplace

Tailor roles

BxC provides administrators complete freedom to define custom structures and assign roles and permissions to reflect their ways of working. Your organization might have custom roles for various types of work. BxC easily supports all these combinations allowing you to reflect your policy.

Easy organization, workflow automation, fast and intuitive navigation


BxC allows site administrators, business users to organize and schedule content, manage notifications from a single interface. It allows users to browse the site and locate site elements quickly and in an intuitive manner. Business users have complete control over the content creation, review, approval, and publishing process.

Better experience. Increased sales

Merchandizers have to manage products, price, place, and promotions to increase sales, maximizing revenues, attracting new customers, retaining existing customers, increasing brand value amongst others. However, they can only be as good as the tools they employ to achieve these objectives.

Business benefits

Create consistent experiences and quickly promote relevant products based on changing situations to inspire shopping and engage customers.

Optimize shopping experiences by dynamically configuring site elements to different customer contexts through intuitive, dynamic store navigation, pricing, promotions.

Create relevant, consistent, omnichannel shopping experiences by connecting contextual customer data to merchandizing activities leading to a relevant customer journey.

Transform merchandizing by collaborating efficiently between relevant business groups. Utilize mechanisms such as preview, drag and drop, cloning, aggregate publishing, custom roles, permissions, workflows and approvals.

BxC provides a single place to manage your catalog, categories, product, pricing, promotions, and distribute it across available channels.

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