Nature of Modern Digital Retail Systems

Nature of Modern Digital Retail Systems

Nature of Modern Digital Retail Systems

Modern retailers need to scale their business to support thousands or millions of buyers and touch points across multiple countries, websites, languages and business units, all while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to changing customer needs and advances in technology. This is the ultimate mission and objective of a digital experience platform.

DxH enables you to manage your store with ease, provide positive consumer experience, and the ability to meet consumer’s future needs in timely manner.

Better product experience coupled with business friendly tooling and intelligent components.

Challenges Faced by Retailers

The growth of innovative technologies coupled with the increasing digital experience demands of buyers has created both challenges and opportunities for marketing and IT teams to harness the force of innovation to delight customers and differentiate a company’s products and services.

Scaling Experiences

Retailers are in need to scale eCommerce platforms to deliver individual experiences to thousands of buyers in real time.

Multiple Touchpoints

Modern consumers shop from multiple devices and commerce platforms must adapt seamlessly to customers changing preferences.

Evolving Technology

eCommerce platforms must be well equipped and designed to switch to fast paced technology enhancements to remain relevant.

Business Uncertainties

Retailers should be ready to incorporate and roll out appropriate solutions to changing retail business landscape at the right time.

Digital xperience Hub (DxH) is the Solution Addressing your Challenges

DxH delivers unified and personalized experiences across merchandising, search and content management. With intelligent commerce capabilities driven by proven AI/ML based personalization models DxH improves the customer experience with smart contextual recommendations. It empowers business users to quickly and easily create, deploy and optimize digital customer experiences across digital touchpoints at scale. Organizations can now enhance customer loyalty, improve, refine their digital strategy, and give their brand an impressive global presence.

Unified Interface

Unified Interface

Unified Interface

DxH unifies all administration tools in a single interface to simplify management and consolidate activities in a single location.

  • User Management (Authentication and Authorization)
  • Role Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Reporting

Business User Friendly Tooling

Business Tooling

Rich toolset and modules to build and manage intuitive customer experience.

  • Merchandising
  • Content Designer
  • Search Experience Management
  • Customer Experience Center
Business Tooling
Easy Integrations

Easy Integrations

Easy Integrations

Staggered modules will only increase operational overhead and dependencies on IT. DxH is a unified solution to integrate various business needs easily.

  • Inventory Availability
  • Product and Pricing Masters
  • Payment Gateway & Tax
  • Order Management
  • Fulfilment Systems
  • Content Management
  • Social Channels

Advanced Tools

Advanced Tools

Advance tooling to easily extend/enhance and build unique usecases.

  • Digital Experience Management
  • BOSS, BOPUS Support
  • Customer Data Management
Advanced Tools


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