Digital xperience Hub (DxH)

Merchandizing, content, search

Unified interface designed to deliver unique digital experiences for your customers. Make customers your focus. Deliver best-in-class experience.


Deliver stunning digital experiences anywhere, anytime

Collaborate with cross-functional business teams to accelerate time-to-market

Modern retailers need to scale their business to support thousands or millions of buyers and touchpoints across multiple countries, websites, languages, and business units. They should also maintain the flexibility to adapt to changing customer needs and advances in technology. This is the ultimate mission and objective of a digital experience platform.

DxH enables you to manage your store with ease, provide a positive consumer experience, and the ability to meet consumer’ s future needs on time. DxH comes with three user-friendly interfaces, with built-in features like drag– and– drop functionality.

DxH comes with three user-friendly interfaces

Loaded with built-in features like drag-and-drop functionality

Business xperience Center (BxC)

BxC provides a single interface to easily collect, manage, enrich product information, and distribute personalized experiences across all digital channels.

Content xperience Center (CxC)

CxC enables marketing teams to create intuitive personalized content specific to certain scenarios or personas driving an engaging customer experience.

Search xperience Center (SxC)

SxC enables non-technical users to create, manage, and deliver targeted, relevant content to customers and provide a seamless search experience.

DxH is a unified interface built on best practices and solves multiple business, technology, and usability-related problems typical to traditional, open-source, or SaaS platforms.

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